Hi all, can’t believe December is here already! Many people have approached me to ask about making another track to help with sleep so it’s my pleasure to present Deep Sleep. A combination of sound waves targeting the throat chakra to help relax the nervous system and endocrine gland healing. This will hopefully help you to fall asleep without putting in much effort.

Sleep is such an important time for the body to heal. We hamper this healing with our lifestyle which leads us to have chaos within our systems which results in bad sleep. The food we eat, the times we eat all affect our sleep. Sleeping after eating a heavy meal late at night is not advised as we’re normally sat down at night and then try and sleep. If you have your main meal in the evening, then try and eat no later than 7pm which gives the body ample time to digest food till its bedtime.

Extra toxins in the body also hamper sleep patterns due to the blood not getting the correct level of oxygen or ‘prana’ (life force energy). Also, the level of stimulus around us, in general, creates a stressful environment, from the adverts we see, the food we eat and drink, to the constant bombardment of stimulus from our phones. Also, the food we eat, thoughts we have, and air we breathe all have a reaction to how the energy is circulating within your being. It is quite a deep topic which I won’t go into detail just as yet.

Exercising is just as important to give you a good night’s sleep as the body needs fresh oxygen pumping to regenerate, replenish, and release natural endorphins to bring harmonious happiness. Going for walks, yoga, anything you can do to workout will help you.

The build-up to sleep is very important. Many people have benefitted from cutting out caffeine before they sleep, reduced screen time which gets replaced with something positive such as reading. If you have a TV in your bedroom, then please try to reduce the time you spend watching it before you sleep as this wires the brain to get hyper or stimulated.

Try drinking hot herbal teas a while before you sleep instead of alcohol. Camomile tea, jasmine, etc are all very good to calm the nervous system to relax the mind. Ensure you are fully hydrated throughout the day too, as the imbalance of water levels causes a range of situations.

Listen to relaxing music in the evenings so help calm your mind on nights at home (which at the moment are a regular thing). Tracks like the one I have produced, classical music, voice, something which gives you a sense of peace are ideal mediums to help you unwind.

If you’re using any sleeping apps, tablets, or any other mechanisms to help you sleep, then see how you get on by doing the above suggestions first to prepare the body to sleep. Slowly you won’t require any other help to support you to get better sleep.

Please let me know how you get on, these are all my suggestions and by no means an authority. We all understand ourselves better than anyone else, so if you already have a routine that’s working perfectly for you then that’s amazing. We’re all here to help support each other not just through cover but in general as humans, it’s our duty to help elevate those around us.

I’ll leave you with this meditation and will see you in the next healing session.