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Please get familiar with the therapy I provide. A range of commonly asked questions is answered here. Thank you
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Authentic Tantric Massage

A tantric massage first and foremost a spiritual approach to massage, utilising an energetically based, hands-on approach to bodywork. If authenticity is maintained and tantric principles are preserved, then this sophisticated form of a massage can bring about miraculous healing effects and is very therapeutic in nature. It is acclaimed for its ability to eliminate sexual and energetic blockages while restoring vitality, stamina, longevity, youthfulness and vigor. We balance the yin and yang energy within your body to a harmonious state. 

However, the beneficial effects can extend far beyond these. A person can experience a remodeling of his or her entire being and be awakened to profound and illuminating outcomes that transform life in unexpected ways. 

A tantric massage is a combination of the ancient teachings of ayurveda and teachings of energy from tantra. The combination of pressure points, massage and energy flow makes this an extremely powerful therapy for a higher goal. 

receive that much needed time for yourself…

Do you feel agitated, missing a comforting touch or just need to be yourself again? Then this is definitely for you!

Healing through energy and ayurvedic massage which makes this such a powerful form of therapy which will provide a sense of calm and focus

a unique chance to experience a real tantric massage for a spiritual purpose which balances your yin and yang energy 
clearing blockages 

Heal from within

Most individuals these days have blockages. They can be physical, energetic, emotional, mental, sexual or psychosomatic in nature, and the root cause can vary from person to person. They can form from everyday repetitive habits and experiences from painful memories or events that get compounded over the years or simply due to deep-rooted psychosomatic issues. A sexual blockage, for example, can manifest as an inability to reach deep states of orgasm, pain during intercourse, which has no apparent physical basis and a lack of sexual desire. These blockages can be removed through a tantric massage which as well as the physical body heals the pranic body and layers above that. 

In modern society, acute stress and perpetual lack of self-confidence lead to chronic tension in the body which culminate into blockages of various kinds and qualities. This blocks the circulation of life-giving blood and life-force energy within the being and in turn decreases our capacity to lead a healthy, happy and normal life. Our health and wellbeing, relationships, emotional balance, mental stability and sexual potential can suffer tremendously with one if afflicted by stress and blockages. 

 Luckily, Tantra massage is served as a great gift to modern people, providing whole body healing, a sexual renewal and a spiritual awakening. The role of a Tantra massage is to promote free circulation of the pranic and sexual energies which produces a myriad of mystical effects in a human being. Fears and blockages will be released, inner conflicts resolved and a new lease on love, life and sexuality unveiled. 

our sexual energy

As a revolutionary therapy, it is a doorway between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life, ordinary sex to extraordinary sex, and being an ordinary man or woman and a tantric man or woman. Embark on an incredible journey and take the first steps in realising your limitless potential.

When our sexual energy is strictly concentrated in our lower energy centres – which is where it dwells in the majority of people – it is very raw and dense which rules our lives as well as emotions in a rudimentary way. However, when this energy is taken up to the higher energy centres, it becomes refined. Tantra massage, when it is of the authentic kind, means to accomplish sublimation and an alchemical process. 

This diverse form of bodywork offers a great service to modern men and women with its ability to heal in profound ways, remove blockages and unleash inherent power. You can experience remarkable internal and external transformation, a soul-opening level of bliss, a deep internal blossoming, a reshaping of your life physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually. 

important points to consider…

Steps of a booking a Tantric massage and what to expect during the session

  • A phone call or video call is carried in full to go through the ethics and see your expectations. If everything aligns then we can arrange a mutually convenient time for our session. 
  • Please allow approx 2.5 to 3 hours for our session.  
  • I always carry out a medical consultation prior to the massage and get you to sign and officially agree to the therapy. Once I’m happy with the consultation, the session may commence. 
  • A 50% deposit is required prior to attending the massage session. 
  • I do not see anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A massage is not recommended to anyone who is pregnant and if postpartum must be after 6 weeks. They should not have any skin problems, contagious disease, fever or acute inflammation.
  • Please ensure you shower before you come and trim/shave the genital area for hygiene and aid in a good flow of energy. 
  • The therapy room is a sacred place which has been cleansed by meditation and spiritual practice, and I expect full respect of this. I request no misconduct or misbehaviour verbally or physically during the session as this will put an immediate stop to our session. The room has subtle lighting and a warm temperature to create an ambient atmosphere with relaxing music and spiritual aromas. I use pure essential oils with a sweet almond oil base which are suitable for most people. 
  • A meditation is carried out to set the intention of the massage. 
  • The whole body is massaged and we start with the back of the body, the front of the body and finishing with a head massage. 
  • A genital massage may be included – this is only if needed. This is not a sexual service so please respect this. More info on genital reflexology is in the section below. 
  • You must drink plenty of fluids after a massage to avoid dehydration and dizziness which also aids in blood circulation.


Genital reflexology

Divine healing

The whole body becomes revitalised when all the surfaces of the genitals are stimulated and massaged. A network of reflex points corresponding to all areas of the body is located on both the lingam and yoni, as on the feet and hands. Genital areas become energetically deficient and begin to cause dysfunction if blockages and tissues are not massaged.


In order for a lingam massage to be carried out successfully, the lingam should not be erect. Many techniques can’t be done if so and we would have to move on. There are no sexual encouragements during the massage which MUST be respected. If at any point the lingam does become erect, this is natural and nothing to worry about as I always sublime the energy and we can carry on once it comes down. The whole aim of this is to release stagnant energy. 

The genital areas are really sensitive and we ensure that there is no sexual stimulation as the intention is to awaken the energy to spread and sublime it through to the higher chakras. The effects may differ from person to person. Some may feel a blissful feeling where others may feel a sense of pleasure or an orgasmic feeling of energy throughout the body. The effects will depend also depend on the receiving power of the receiver and also on their spiritual level. 

The yoni in particular has many reflexology points which are directly linked to organs or the body and chakras. The yoni massage entails g-spot activation, mapping, cervix massage and deep massage during which all the pranic energy is spread throughout the body causing a pleasant and deep inner satisfaction. 



Client reviews

I literally feel like A new person. I came away feeling like an elephant had lifted its foot off my chest with years of trapped trauma, Hari was able to remove & re channel my energy back to alignment & I feel meeting him has catapulted my spiritual journey even more, whilst ridding me of aches & pains. If your thinking about seeing Hari don’t think about just do it as it will be the best thing you have ever done. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Hari’s spiritual connection is evident from the get go, the divine work through him and that became even more evident as the session progressed. I felt held, physically, emotionally and spiritually, like I never have before and I couldn’t be more sincere about that fact. Very quickly and easily you realise Hari’s modality is insanely healing and has the ability to recognise exactly what your needs/ blocks are and nourish or remove them.

I don’t know how I found Hari but I am so grateful I did. I can’t quite explain what happened exactly but the physical shift of energy and transformation in my physical and emotional body was/ is quite remarkable. I feel changed for all the right reasons and Hari healed something therapy never could.

Kiera Smith

Thank you so much for yesterday, body feels a bit tender but such an amazing massage. You were amazingly brilliant, so professional, I didn’t feel guilty like it was wrong, like I’m cheating on my husband, dirty, not at all. It was truly so spiritual. Thank you again. I don’t believe I have ever been so relaxed and open with someone I’ve just met.. Im so Glad I came, you seriously have an Amazing amazing soul, so much warmth, you made me feel so comfortable with you but also with myself. Letting yourself go to a stranger isn’t easy but with you it felt right. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to another session. Worth the money defiantly. If anyone thinking to book. DO IT. Will b taking my husband next.

Jess Ved

Amazing experience – full consultation prior to tantric massage. 2.5hrs of complete bliss. made to feel so safe & ask any questions if unsure at any stage. masterful but tender techniques which left me totally invigorated.

I would highly recommend and so looking forward to my next session.

Sarah Panter

Amazing experience – full consultation prior to tantric massage. 2.5hrs of complete bliss. made to feel so safe & ask any questions if unsure at any stage. masterful but tender techniques which left me totally invigorated.

I would highly recommend and so looking forward to my next session.

Sarah Panter

An amazing cleansing and energy-shifting massage!! This massage definitely puts you in touch with your inner self and allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper and spiritual level! I definitely felt the internal cleansing occurring during the massage! This has allowed me to recollect my focus and inner strength in my both my spiritual practice and for myself giving my body the much needed emotional, physical and mental strength. Thank you so much for a truly spiritual and authentic experience! Highly recommend Ishan-sattva, a powerful healer for sure!

Dipna Thakrar

I’m someone who takes a long time to let go of my guards and really struggle with my own body image even though everyone says I look fine. I was looking for a spiritual path for many years and found Tantra but I couldn’t find anyone who practiced it truly in my area and luckily I found Hari 🙂

Perfect in all aspects, technique, warm heart and just a lovely soul, would highly recommend him. Not tried this before? Trust him and like myself I was in bliss x

Cheryl Smithson

I am flying from Hungary just to see Hari for a tantra massage. It has been very hard for me to find a trained male therapist who is open to working with men and helping them. I feel very good talking with him on skype and we had a good chat about the treatment and I was happy. I have been doing yoga for long time and wanted to lift myself through tantra. I will be seeing him in a few days but so far I can say he understood me well. Thanks sir

Ivan Baltrow

Hi Hari just wanted to say it’s been great getting to know you and you’ve made me feel like never before! It’s something I’ve been looking to do for a while and glad to have found you. Thank you x

Shirly Newton

Oh wow!!! That’s what I said when it finished!

Hari is probably one of the best therapists I’ve seen. I’m 45 years old and he’s made me feel 21 again! His hands emit so much power and pressure was spoton. He explained everything to me and for me it was good to know what a Tantric massage really is and not what many abuse as a rub n tug massage. No no no this was much more and felt very cultured and elevated in thought and reasoning.

He removed any aches and pains I has of which I had plenty! Was asked to drink alot of water and he gave me such deep advice too.

You’re a gem! See you soon my brother

Matthew Melthram

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tantric massage therapist uk

About Hari Trivedi

Hari has been practicing yoga, ayurveda, meditation and reiki for many years and is also a qualified Tantric massage therapist. He has been practicing various techniques in spiritual healing since 2008, initially trained in India and qualified with Somananda Tantra School in Estonia as a Tantric Massage Therapist. 

All of his treatments in tantric massage vary from client to client as all requirements are different. He works with all genders and sexualities, there is no discrimination here at all! Whether you are hetrosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian or trans, all are viewed as equal and pure. He has been drawn to spirituality since childhood and has developed a strong sense of being and personality. 

Hari is a gifted healer who strives on always being able to give his best to all his clients. Recognising blockages in chakras and how to cleanse them is something he finds naturally and is able to tackle most situations. He ensures that the client is always comfortable and ensures a good flow of communication throughout the treatment. There are many ways in which he balances the yin and yang within a client and has seen some astonishing results which can be physical, emotional or mental.

No matter what he does, he is always a positive person. Being a talented musician, creative artist and fitness trainer makes Hari an all round healing soul to be around. If you know Hari, he is always willing to help and is constantly meditating to make the world a safer and healthier place. Hari’s story is a fascinating one and Tantra is definitely his way forward and he wants to help others on their spiritual journeys too! Get in touch to speak with him 🙂