Namaste to all of your pure souls. How have you all been? It’s been a moment that I’ve communicated via my blogs. I hope you’ve been tuned into the healing sounds that I’ve been expressing myself with. 

 The last year was a really profound one for me on a spiritual level as it gave me ample time to focus on my sadhana and to go deeper. Having less distractions of the outside world has put so many things into perspective, the world has evolved and found ways to become more resilient. It is very unfortunate to have seen so many lives taken by this virus but we must not dwell on the negatives. The main thing that I have taken from this time is to ensure that I offer my gratitude to God for keeping me and the family safe and offering myself as a medium to help others to heal. 


Tantra a spiritual science

 Tantra is such a vast and beautiful path for spiritual enlightenment with universal teachings that all will be able to relate to. It doesn’t require you to become a monk, follow regulations as such or observe strict religious practices. The universal consciousness and elements that make up the universe, all resides within us. God has given us this life to try and reach Him through constantly working on opening our channels, removing layers of conditioning and achieving inner harmony through proven Tantric methods. 

 Like in science, everything is based on proof and evidence, the same applies in Tantra. All the teachings have in depth reasoning, methodology and enlightened masters. 


So is it really that easy to just follow a method and reach enlightenment?

In essence, yes it is. However, this is only possible when you have a spiritual master / teacher who has been down the path and seen it’s ins and outs. Someone who can authentically guide you along the way and act as a medium to channel the pure light of The Divine. I am not asking you to become a follower but a believer in the teachings. We tend to fall back and not progress once we start idolising a teacher and putting them on unnecessary  pedestals, which then become a maze of its own. A true teacher will open their heart and shower what they have learnt and will not get offended when you move gracefully to another teacher who will help you elevate further. 


True surrender

Inspiration can come from many avenues. You may have heard something on the radio, media or through conversation which then gets you researching. A teacher will then emerge to the right seeker who is truly searching and willing to empty their own vessels to make space for positive energy to fill them. Emptying one’s vessel (ego) is essential in any form of spiritual practice. If we are full of crap, then how will any nectar coming from The Divine resonate with you? 

Surrendering doesn’t mean that you then start saying “God will handle everything” and then just sit back and watch the show! If there is no positive intention from the seeker, then nothing happens. Once you have found your path, stick to it. There are many examples that I’ve seen of people jumping from channel to channel in spirituality because they lack patience, persistence, wanting instant results and most of all belief. If you could order your Manipur Chakra to get balanced through Amazon Prime then people would form a long line to get their dose, however this is not the case! Without any proper guidance and just following fads, tutorials etc that have no authentic teachings, this just causes more mayhem within our chakra system. 


Take the plunge

How many times have you heard a voice from within direct you and you do the total opposite? Listening to that inner voice, and making that inner voice more clear, loud and amplified is what we should be trying to do and not acting on what we hear from outside influences that pollute our minds. Thoughts are the biggest pollutant and we are constantly surrounded by them and also scroll through them on a daily basis through social media. 

Fill your life, home, work environment with spiritual objects and books. They will act as a constant reminder of knowing what your end goal is in this life. Work on yourself, keep sharpening that pencil by being honest with your emotions. 

We see that the majority of the world is acting on emotion and not wisdom. People are getting offended by the slightest remark and acting without control when their comfort zones are violated. This is nothing but acting on a Yin personality which is the receiving side. It is a very important part of our makeup as we need to be compassionate, empathic and acting with unconditional love like Jesus and many others spiritual beings. Instead, we get road rage when someone cuts us up, when all we need to do is take a deep breath, smile and laugh at their misfortune of not getting an instant reaction. 

So what do I mean by taking the plunge? We all know that there are always going to be two sides to every story. Our personal stories are the same. We say the same thing every year in January, “I’m going to own this year and do xyz” which lasts for the first few weeks and fizzles out. Why is this? It’s purely because it is a superficial resolution that will be for a materialistic gain of some sort. If it was an inner calling for you, there would be no force of nature that could stop you. Deep down we all feel and know what is right and wrong for our growth, then why do we always take the easy route that we know will be temporary. The right path is always the most challenging as it will throw you out of your comfort bubble. 

 It’s time to wake up from this easy lifestyle of instant gratification and need of constant validation. Make a point to remove anything you feel that is causing you harm, it might be reducing your screen time on your devices and replacing it with reading a positive book, yoga, walks in nature, fitness or anything that is going to nourish your soul. Toxic company is automatically diminished once you change your demeanour and during lockdown, this has happened for many people. Working on a healthy way to remove any addiction will be the basis of your growth as you will then find space to slowly uncover and face any insecurities, emotions, previous trauma and get to the root of the cause. This is the key point. Getting to the root of any challenges you’re facing will unblock that channel within you and open that particular chakra to a healthy state. 


The time is now 

No, I don’t mean the track by Moloko! If you’re reading this and feel the urge from inside to jump up and say “YES I WANT TO CHANGE MY LIFE” then my job here is done! The aim for any spiritual practice is for you to look forward to the next yoga session, lecture, to converse with your inner realisations and act in a harmonious manner. 

There’s nothing that I’ve said in this article that you can’t do. Removing negative words from your vocab is a good place to start. Respond to “how’s it going?” with “things are great thank you” instead of “not bad, you?”. If things are not bad, that means they’re good, why do we want to depict a happy place with a negative term? Phrase like “I can’t do this” etc should be replaced with “I want to learn how to do this” or “how can I make myself better at…”

I’m sure you’ve heard all of the above in some way or another and it really is the simple changes in life that can have the biggest impact. Alter the food you eat, food is what constitutes our mood, physical structure, emotions carried within the body and your ability to thrive. Why would we then pollute the body with toxic substances that give us temporary stimulus instead of key nourishment? A healthy balanced diet consisting of freshly cooked food, fruits, veg will instantly transform your being if done on a regular basis. 

Be mindful of what you consume through social media, TV as this can cause a range of misfired patterns. Once your body starts to like a certain pattern of input, it will then expect the same action to provide that stimulus which results in an increase for wanting more and more of it. You can easily examine how long you spend on your favourite social media platform by checking this on your phone, you’ll be amazed by what you find. All I’m saying is to try and find a harmonious balance between your phone and what your life really is. You take in so much negativity by just browsing through other people’s daily nonsense, why don’t you take that time to browse through your own emotions and what has occurred in your day on how you could have handled it better? 

As humans, we have been brought up with a need to please others and gain validation. As children we want to impress our parents or teachers. Adults do a similar thing of wanting positive validation in relationships, achievements or doing the most mundane tasks that we see people boast about doing on a regular basis. These could be signs of many psychological situations that will be deeply rooted. Through Tantra, these situations can be unblocked for good through meditation, yoga, tantric massage, reading, other tantric practices. We have the intellect to identify why we do certain things but mask them with ignorance and carry on anyway. This is why we keep on building layer upon layer of dust over our pure soul that is observing. 

There is no time better than the present moment to pick yourself up and make a small change that you can manage. Don’t be overambitious and say I will wake up at 4am everyday and do 2 hours of yoga daily, more like say you will wake up early every morning and do something spiritual on a regular basis without fail. Grooming regular positive discipline will focus your mind and inturn bring real change. I have not mentioned the word results anywhere as this is not the reason for craving spirituality. If someone seeks certain results then yes there are Tantric methods of doing so but they will still be temporary gains and not for true enlightenment. 

I wish you all the best in mental health as we really need to get out of this habit of depending on the government or any other power to give us the ability or chance to express ourselves. Life is way more important than spending hours arguing on Facebook and moaning about what Borris should have done or will do, why not spend that time in actually being the change? Check-in on loved ones, local neighbourhoods and see how you can make a difference? The internet is a tool we all utilise, so try and use it to help others. Be the light. 

Do reach out to me if you have any questions , want to share anything or need any guidance. I am always here and eager to learn from you all.

With this I will leave you to explore your inner universe and I pray that we all find peace within. 


Love and light 


Hari xox